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Scroll through the archive of tweets from our interesting online Twitter chat on how to encourage our kids to eat better and steer clear of the junk. From Wed 19 September 2012.

Eatkit is run in conjunction with dietitian Emma Stirling from ScoopNutrition

We invited parents, carers, dietitians, foodies, teachers and chefs to join us to explore barriers to healthy eating and strategies that work.

Here are the five questions we posed:

  • Q1: Many of today's kids are overweight but undernourished. What do they need to eat more or less of?
  • Q2: What are the key barriers to getting kids to eat healthily?
  • Q3: Are there certain foods that are harder than others eg grainy bread, brown rice, salad, chewy foods?
  • Q4: What top tips do you have to share? What works? Recipes?
  • Q5: How can we get kids in the kitchen? School kitchen gardens? Clubs? Home?


View the EatKit Archive of tweets from Storify

It was a lovely sharing convo with heaps of well-practiced advice and handy tips for toddlers, primary-school kids and teens. Not forgetting how to entice fussy eaters to broaden their palate and variety - not an easy task for some! Scroll down to read more ...