EatKit Feb 2015 - Healthy herbs and spices

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Saturday, 31 January 2015.
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EatKit Feb 2015 - Healthy herbs and spices

A pinch of cardamom; a sprinkle of paprika; the aroma of cinnamon or nutmeg on a just-made apple pudding. The hotness of chilli or pepper. Herbs and spices not only enhance a dish’s flavour, but also create new taste combinations and sensations. From bay leaves to lemongrass, it is virtually impossible to imagine a well-stocked kitchen without herbs and spices.

Our regular EatKit chat on Twitter was held on 18 Feb and we were thrilled to havae dietitians, nutritionists, foodies, teachers and chefs – and of course folks interested in healthy eating, books and home cooking – to swing by and talk about herbs and spices.

Our topic:  Healthy herbs and spices - research, recipes and tips

Date:                Wed 18 Feb 2015

Time:                9pm AEDT which means 2100 in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia

Duration:        1 hour

Here were our 4 stimulus questions to prompt the thinking:

  • Q1: Herb and spice cookery and health applications are centuries old. Tell us your faves and unusual finds.
  • Q2. Indigenous foods are hot again in 2015.  What’s on your radar in herbs and spices?
  • Q3. Herbs and spices pack a nutrition punch, but need to be cared for. Share top tips on buying and storage. Ask our expert a question. 
  • Q4. What’s your favourite healthy dish that highlights a dried herb, spice or blend?  Why? e.g. lower salt, reduce sugar, more antioxidants? Link us in.

Meet Herbie the King of Spices

We were thrilled to have Herbie or @HerbiesSpices on Twitter joinus as our expert guest on EatKit. Read his stream on @HerbiesSpices at http:/

Ian ‘Herbie’ Hemphill has been called the ‘King of Spices’ for his encyclopedic knowledge of every herb and spice and how they can best be used in cookery. He is a native of Sydney in Australia and oversees Herbie's Spices, which boasts the largest selection of herbs and spices for sale and export. His website is or

Book giveaways Spice and Herb Bible

Spice Herb Bible 3rdEd CoverWe had two brand new copies of The Spice & Herb Bible (3rd Edition) to #giveaway. At a RRP of $39.95 and weighing a tonne, it made a handsome prize, thanks to Ian. 

In addition, the runners-up received a Fish in the Dish Spice Kit from Herbies.

From garlic to Ras al Hanout, there was heaps to talk about when it comes to the many many types of herbs and spices. We weren’t short of things to cover.




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