EatKit June: Mushrooms for Vitamin D

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Thursday, 18 June 2015.
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EatKit June: Mushrooms for Vitamin D

From buttons and caps to flats and exotics, we welcomed input and sharing of your knowledge, ideas and fave recipes to serve up these  edible fungi. In the colder months of the year, when exposure to sunlight is often limited, it's surprising to discover a 'new' significant dietary source of vitamin D - the humble mushroom. Read on for more.

Our regular EatKit chat on Twitter was held on Wed 17 June and we invited dietitians, nutritionists, foodies, teachers and chefs – and of course folks interested in healthy eating, books and home cooking – to swing by and talk about mushrooms, whether they're buttons, cups or flats, and how they can contribute to good nutrition. 

Interestingly mushrooms are now being viewed as an important dietary source of vitamin D (and there's only a few foods that contain this vitamin) particularly in the colder darker months when our main source - sunshine - is not abundant. 

Latest research reveals that even supermarket mushrooms, exposed to the fluorescent lights whilst being on display, can generate some vitamin D. One serve is 3 button mushrooms (around 100g) or 3oz). See the tweets below for more details.

Our topic:  MUSHROOMS for Vitamin D

Date:                Wed 17 June 2015

Time:               9pm AEST which means 2100 in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia

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  Eatkit takes place in your time zone

Duration:        1 hour

Here were our 4 stimulus questions to prompt the thinking:

Q1. Mushrooms have a lot to offer for health. Vit D is part of new nutrition news.  What do you know or promote?

Q2. Enoki, shiitake, oyster or shimeji? Are you into exotic mushrooms?

Q3 . What are your mushroom shopping, storage and prep tips?

Q4. Share your favourite ways to cook mushrooms. Any easy, delicious recipes?


EatKit was supported by the Australian Mushroom Growers Association whom we thank for their time and involvement. Their extensive website at is well worth a look for the detail on nutrition including vidoes as well as the varieties of different mushrooms, interesting recipes and more. Why not become a member of the Mushroom Lovers' Club while you're there?

Special guest expert Glenn Cardwell

We were delighted to have @GlennCardwell join us for expect insights. Glenn is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with 32 years in clinical and public health nutrition. He consults to the Australian Mushroom Growers Association and knows EVERYTHING about mushrooms.

Eatkit is run in conjunction with dietitian Emma Stirling from ScoopNutrition.

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