EatKit Mar 2015 - Grains: gluten-free and ancient

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Tuesday, 03 March 2015.
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EatKit Mar 2015 - Grains: gluten-free and ancient

From oats and barley to quinoa and spelt, we welcomed input and sharing of your fave recipes or ideas to serve these grains. We explored the reasons why grains have fallen in disrepute in recent years (are they toxic? full of lectins/phytates/gluten? not part of the Paleo regime?) and which ones deserved a more honourable mention. And in what form eg whole grain, sprouted, ground, rolled, puffed or flaked?

Our regular EatKit chat on Twitter was held on Wed 18 March and we invited dietitians, nutritionists, foodies, teachers and chefs – and of course folks interested in healthy eating, books and home cooking – to swing by and talk about grains, whether they're breakfast cereal, breads, muffins, pasta or cooked up like rice and buckwheat.

With rising sales of spelt sourdough breads, quinoa salads, farro risottos and wild rice salads, these heirloom grains are the rage with chefs and foodies alike. Some are gluten-free, some are low GI, some are whole grain, some are grown organically.

Our topic: GRAINS - gluten-free and ancient

Date:                Wed 18 March 2015

Time:               9pm AEDT which means 2100 in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia

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Duration:        1 hour

Here were our 4 stimulus questions to prompt the thinking:

Q1. On one hand grains are taking a hammering due to low-carb and Paleo, but GF grains are hot. What are you into right now?

Q2. Will the gluten-free phenomenon come to an end? Is there room for more GF muffins, cookies, pasta, breads and other products? 

Q3. Gluten free and ancient grains from spelt to einkorn are featuring. What are your favourite recipes or cooking tips?

Q4: What’s up next? Any new grains or trends on your radar? Are we eating less wheat and more variety of grains?

EatKit supported Coeliac Awareness Week which ran at the same week from 13 to 20 March. Go to to find out how the Coeliac Society can help you manage your medical condition better.

Book giveaways Ancient Grains Cookbook

AG Cover RGB 72dpiWe had three brand new copies of the new edition of the Ancient Grains Cookbook to #giveaway. At a RRP of $34.95 and full on interesting recipes, it makes a handsome prize, thanks to the publishers Arbon. It was managed by nutritionist Catherine Saxelby and covers the nutritional value, history and types of various grains plus 80 delicious ancient grain recipes for the modern table.

Think millet, buckwheat, barley, maize, wild rice, black rice, red rice, einkorn and Kamut. Go to Arbon for more detail at

We had a special extra question about grains to select three winners. The first three with the correct answer were deemed the winners to receive their copy by post.

Congrats to our three winners were:




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