Written by Catherine Saxelby on Monday, 29 April 2013.
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Tea - black, green, white or herbal - is one of life's precious things. It allows you to relax, chillax, refresh and be revived. It encourages a conversation and openness in a way that water, soft drink or coffee never can do. It is a joy to sip and savour. It is one of my favourite moments in life. If you share the same feelings about tea as I do, take a moment to read our thoughts and tea moments from the May EatKit online Twitter chat.

Our EatKit was run to support of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea event and fundraiser for cancer research on 23 May.

Here were our 5 questions up for discussion:

  • Q. What are the advantages (health and otherwise) of drinking tea?
  • Q. Tea is often said to "relax, refresh and revive". Have you found this to be true? Do you find it works as a pick-me-up for you?
  • Q. What are your favourite teas or herbal blends? Do you enjoy the ceremony of brewing tea? Or is it a hindrance to grabbing a quick cuppa?
  • Q. Can tea compete with coffee and the café culture booming now? If so, how? Any suggestions/ideas?
  • Q. Do you ever use tea or tea leaves in cooking? Care to share any recipes? eg prunes soaked in strong tea, iced tea drink, fish hot smoked over green tea leaves in a kettle barbecue.


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