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Written by Catherine Saxelby on Friday, 27 February 2009.
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The Foodwatch eNewsletter

Are you looking for ideas on how to eat right when you've no time to cook? Latest nutrition news? Each month, the Foodwatch eNewsletter has the products, quick recipes, tricks and tips to keep you eating healthily, get organised, lose a little weight and have more energy - and it's FREE!! 

strawberryAre you trying to lose weight?

Each month, Foodwatch News offers you practical tips to make losing weight a little easier. It's never been dead-easy but I can make it bearable! And tasty!


Are low-carb diets safe? Should I be eating RAW vegetables? Is hemp worth the extra? Should I swallow apple cider vinegar?

I do all the work for you! I give you simple answers to those tricky questions on nutrition, super foods, vitamins and diets. I tell you what that label means and what's really in that food. You can't afford to miss it!


I'm busy too so I know the problems you face making healthy meals easily and quickly.

As a nutritionist and busy mother of two, my aim is to make healthy eating easy and enjoyable. Like you, I'm always on the go yet I manage to cook balanced meals (well, most of the time) and steer clear of those greasy take-aways. You can too!

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  1. It's FREE!
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  3. People love it! See their comments below
  4. You get recipes and meal plans that are balanced, healthy, delicious and quick to put together
  5. You get a complimentary copy of my eGuide - 7 steps to being organised in the kitchen, an 18-page guide to getting organised so you can rustle up a healthy, tasty and nutritious meal quickly and easily. This helpful guide is full of tips, quick recipes and more.
  6. From time to time, I send out freebies and special offers for my subscribers
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Here's what others say about the Foodwatch Newsletter

Thank you SO MUCH for your super newsletters throughout the year – always food for thought (pardon the pun!)


I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful, practical information on this site. I'm working towards getting back to healthy eating around the demands of small children and I find this site a wonderful tool for information and motivation for healthy nutrition. Your efforts to provide this site are greatly appreciated!
I have been receiving your Foodwatch newsletter for nearly 10 years now (or since its inception - it feels like 10 years). I have long retired from the fitness industry but your Foodwatch newsletter is still the best (and only) subscription that I maintain to any mailing list. The quality is second to none and I still refer it to people as the most authoritative nutritional information in Australia.


This is a nice informative newsletter that I enjoy reading. Good information. The author is Australian and that seems to be where all the fact-based healthy diet info is coming from these days.
The newsletter always has something that I can use to help feed my kids better. I love the quick recipes and the health tips. They're not too daunting either!
Jennifer Retter
I love your approach to nutrition. Bright and breezy and intelligent.
John Sanderson, Editor, National Marketplace News
I'm a teacher of Food Technology and Nutrition at high school and I always send my students to sign up for your newsletter. I know they'll get sensible information, not some silly nonsense from someone trying to sell you some new supplement or powder.
Chennie Hitchen
I really like the practical advice and warm personal style of this newsletter. You're human, like the rest of us.
John Fennell


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