7 Steps to Being Organised in the Kitchen eGuide

Written by Super User on Tuesday, 17 July 2018.


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New from nutritionist and Quick-meal Queen Catherine Saxelby


18 pages jam-packed with tips, hacks, short cuts and quick meal ideas to:

  • Streamline your kitchen
  • De-clutter your stuff
  • Find a place for everything
  • Get into good work habits
  • Cook healthy, be happy

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7 Steps to Being Organised in the Kitchen covers:

Hello and welcome from Catherine

My pizza story

The 7 Steps

How to get through the shopping in no time

Pantry list for healthy meals

Tips and tricks for healthy cooking fast

Meals in minutes from the cupboard or fridge

Getting the most from the Foodwatch website

About Catherine Saxelby

If you want to cook healthy meals without being chained to the kitchen, the secret is to be organised. It saves you time, money and stress!

Tips, ideas and short-cuts

Here in this handy eGuide, nutritionist and busy working gal Catherine Saxelby shows you how to start planning your meals, what to stock in a healthy pantry or freezer, minimise clutter, remember things in the kitchen, how to organise your recipes,

She explains why cooking ahead on the weekends is a great idea - you cook once, usually double quantities if you can, then eat twice,

You can copy out her list of herbs, spices, seasonings, sauces, relishes, staples and canned foods to keep on hand. You can see what she keeps in her fridge and freezer.

Or why not adopt any of her quick kitchens ideas using lentils, Worcestershire sauce, canned chick peas, mustards, thick Greek yoghurt - and find out which stock to buy.

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Pick up easy ideas for when you run out of steam

Catherine gives you recipes a super-quick salad dressing and meals in minutes using kitchen staples such as :

  • eggs- think easy scrambled eggs to omelette to frittata
  • canned tuna three ways
  • recipes that use up your leftover vegetables such as easy 'fried' rice, easy quinoa salad, home-made tabbouleh and my own carrot salad for when you run out of lettuce
  • quick pasta dishes for meals in a minute.
Catherine Saxelby About the author

About the Author


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Catherine Saxelby has the answers! She is an accredited nutritionist, blogger and award-winning author. Her award-winning book My Nutritionary will help you cut through the jargon. Do you know your MCTs from your LCTs? How about sterols from stanols? What’s the difference between glucose and dextrose? Or probiotics and prebiotics? What additive is number 330? How safe is acesulfame K? If you find yourself confused by food labels, grab your copy of Catherine Saxelby’s comprehensive guide My Nutritionary NOW!