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Fish oil capsules are one of the biggest-selling dietary supplements. They have much research behind them and have been used in clinical trials to treat a wide range of health problems such as heart disease, arthritis, loss of vision, chemotherapy side-effects and even mental disorders like depression, schizophrenia and ADHD.

How useful are they and do you need to take them? Here for your assistance in one handy document are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on fish oil.

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Your Guide to Fish Oil and Health covers:

  • What is fish oil extracted from
  • When to take fish oil
  • Fish oil compared to fish
  • Side effects
  • How much fish oil to take
  • What's the best brand to buy
  • High-dose fish oil capsules
  • Liquid oil vs capsules
  • How to store fish oil
  • Cod liver oil or fish oil
  • Mercury in fish oil
  • Allergies to fish or seafood
  • NZ green-lipped mussel oil
  • Fish oil capsules by brand for omega-3, EPA and DHA
  • References and web sites for more help

This 15-page report covers all the questions you may have on fish oil and fish oil capsules. It compares popular brandsso you know what to look for when you're out buying and what level to take for what sort of treatment you're after.

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What others say about Your Guide to Fish Oil and Health

"The eGuide is comprehensive and a very valuable resource."

Andrea Mortensen
Consultant Dietitian and Former Executive Director, Omega-3 Centre

"This was such a useful read. Just the way Catherine's discusses the types of fish oil and the ways you can take in, I found it all clear and easy to understand. Having had arthritis for the past five years, I've taken the odd fish oil tablet but never really knew whether they were enough or if I was buying the right sort. Now it's clear to me that I wasn't taking the right amount - and I realise I don't have to spend up on the big brands. I can shop around as I know what to look for on the label. A winner for me."

Mary E Stephens, Port Macquarie, NSW

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