Q. Are energy drinks safe for kids to drink?

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Monday, 20 January 2014.
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Q. Are energy drinks safe for kids to drink?

A. Energy drinks are really soft drinks with caffeine whether it's added or derived from guarana, the seeds of a climbing vine native to South America.  Or both. The level of caffeine is generally around 80 mg per 250ml can, which is around twice what you'd get from a 375 ml can of cola soft drink (which has always contained a small amount of caffeine) and roughly equal to a cup of brewed coffee.

As a parent, you have to ask: do I want my child taking in the sugar or the caffeine? Forget about the herbal ingredients and vitamins which are there in such small amounts they're not significant. I'd have to say "No".

Here are my 3 reasons why not to drink them:

  1.  Caffeine is a stimulant but it can also lead to insomnia and stomach upsets.
  2. Do we want our kids to start getting "hooked" (dependent) on caffeine from an early age?
  3. Nutritionists don't want  kids taking in more sugar from drinks.

So tell your kids these three things! They really mean that energy drink are not such a good choice.

One item limiting their consumption: Energy drinks are more expensive – hopefully their sheer expense will also deter consumption!

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