Read the Foodwatch December Newsletter now!

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Tuesday, 10 December 2013.
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Read the Foodwatch December Newsletter now!

I'd like to wish you a very Happy and safe Christmas and New Year holiday period. Especially so if you're going to be travelling on the roads. Take care to take regular breaks to stretch your legs and in the words of the roadside maxim on all Australian Highways - STOP, REVIVE, SURVIVE.

In this issue of the Foodwatch Newsletter we give you some healthy and enjoyable gift ideas and review what's new on the Foodwatch website. You can read the Foodwatch December Newsletter here.

Healthy gift giving

The best gifts come in great variety, are modest on the wallet, last for ages and ages, give hours of pleasure, are useful and don't make you gain weight! That's right! BOOKS!

I love getting books as presents and apart from being out in the great Australian outdoors, reading is one of my favourite pleasures.

That's why this Christmas I've chosen a selection of books that would make great Christmas presents. Some are from The Foodwatch Store and others are books I've reviewed on the Foodwatch website. I hope you find something that interests you.

Happy Reading!

What's new?

As usual we tell you what's new on the Foodwatch website including reviews, common food or diet related questions and any hot topics.

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