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Iron Rich diet

Iron-deficiency anaemia and more

Iron-deficiency anaemia, a common problem in women and girls that affects their immunity, work performance and thermo-regulation is more common than you expect. This month I look at this and more... 

27 April 2022 by Catherine Saxelby

Blueberries No 1

Blueberries, the Mediterranean Diet, beat cravings for chocolate

When compared to other fresh fruits and vegetables, researchers rank blueberries as number one for antioxidant activity.  This...

30 March 2022 by Catherine Saxelby

Smart staple: dark-green lettuces

February 2022 newsletter is out now

The benefits of meditation and purslane, medications and weight gain, and some ideas for that smart staple of dark-green lettuces....

23 February 2022 by Catherine Saxelby

Benefits of dairy

November newsletter is out now!

From the new research about the benefits of dairy for the elderly, why you should eat blueberries, the 5 worst foods to eat , and...

24 November 2021 by Catherine Saxelby

Women and heart disease

Women and heart disease

From the exciting new reseach about heart disease in women to the difference between bulgur and couscous, and much more, I explore...

27 October 2021 by

Sugar is still a problem

Sugar is still a problem

From the added sugar hidden in foods, the new generation of sugar-free sweeteners, and much more, I explore why sugar is still a...

29 September 2021 by Catherine Saxelby