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31 August 2022 by Catherine Saxelby

Can you outrun a poor diet? The findings are in.

In a recent study, researchers looked into the quality of diet and whether exercise is enough on it's own to lower the incidence of heart disease and cancer.  Can we 'outrun' disease or is diet equally or more important.   I also tackle the age old question of how much idodine do we really need.   This month I look at this and more... 

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27 July 2022 by Catherine Saxelby

Hangry? Tame that beast with food ideas ... and more

In a recent study, researchers linked hunger to emotions such as anger, irritability and less pleasure, even after accounting for...

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Almonds and legumes

29 June 2022 by

Yay for nuts and legumes - the new nutrition heroes

There's always research going on into ageing and nutrition and this time, they've found that a higher intake of nuts and legumes...

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Chewing gum

25 May 2022 by Foodwatch

Meat substitutes, eggs and chewing gum?

What do you know about the sustainable, healthy, plant-based alternatives to meat … and why I’m wary of them?

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Iron Rich diet

27 April 2022 by Catherine Saxelby

Iron-deficiency anaemia and more

Iron-deficiency anaemia, a common problem in women and girls that affects their immunity, work performance and thermo-regulation is...

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Blueberries No 1

30 March 2022 by Catherine Saxelby

Blueberries, the Mediterranean Diet, beat cravings for chocolate

When compared to other fresh fruits and vegetables, researchers rank blueberries as number one for antioxidant activity.  This...

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