The Foodwatch November Newsletter is out – all about pumpkins

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Friday, 22 November 2013.
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The Foodwatch November Newsletter is out – all about pumpkins

In the US the celebration of Thanksgiving is held on the fourth Thursday in November and this year falls on the 24th November. This is not something we celebrate in Australia though we have much to be thankful for. That’s why in this issue we give thanks for having healthy food to eat and for all that sustains us and keeps us happy and in good health, and we take a look at pumpkins – a traditional Thanksgiving food.

You can read the Foodwatch November Newsletter here.

All about pumpkins

We show you three tasty ways to use the humble pumpkin, and I also tell you why I think pumpkin is a true super food and one well worth adding to your diet. 

What's new?

As usual we tell you what's new on the Foodwatch website including reviews, common food or diet related questions and any hot topics.

Product of the month

This month my Product of the Month is Tassal Tasmanian Salmon Flakes. You can read the review and all the other articles in the Foodwatch November Newsletter by clicking here.

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