The July issue of the Foodwatch Newsletter is out now!

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Tuesday, 09 July 2013.
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The July issue of the Foodwatch Newsletter is out now!

In this issue of The Foodwatch Newsletter we look at the role of oats in our diets and why they are one of my Top 20 “Super Foods”. We also take a look at Dry July and Stress Down Day – two worthwhile initiatives aimed at helping Australians live a balanced, healthy life – emotionally and physically. As always we love to get your feedback on anything you’ve read in the newsletter or anything you’d like to see covered. 

Oats - one of my favourite super foods

Oats are so versatile and so good for you. They can be used summer and winter alike, in sweet and in savoury dishes. They’re packed full of fibre and nutrients and they’re quick and easy to cook but that’s not all! Take a look at the July issue of the Foodwatch Newsletter to find out more.

Stress Less in July...

Stress Down Day is an initiative of Lifeline to raise awareness of its activities, raise funds so it can continue its wonderful work and, at the same time, help us all to reduce some of the stress in our busy lives. To learn more visit the Lifeline website or read the latest issue of the Foodwatch Newsletter.

dry-july-wallpaper-gold...and more

Other topics in this issue of the Foodwatch Newsletter include Dry July, our Product of the Month - Low GI Brown Rice, the Ancient Grains Instagram Challenge and winners, What's New on the Foodwatch website and July EatKit.



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