My lemon with water experiment Day 5

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Wednesday, 23 September 2009.
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Going well on my new experiment. I definitely am less hungry in the morning after I have my lemon with water first thing. Doesn't seem to have any effect on my appetite during the afternoon or evening but that's exactly what I what have expected. It's a morning only thing.

The lemon with water delays the start of my morning hunger. If I wake up at a 1 or 2 on my 10-point Hunger scale, the lemon with water pushes me up to a 5 for about half an hour which gives me enough time to do a couple of yoga stretches or jot down a few ideas if I'm writing something big and have lots of brilliant ideas when I wake up (I wish!).  The fullness effect doesn't last that long however. I'm back down to a 1 or 2 an hour later so I only delay the return of my hunger for a while. Still it's interesting to track.

Squeeze the fresh

I like to squeeze half a fresh lemon each day for this.  When I'm racing out the door and don't have much time, I just drop in a slice of lemon into the water and leave for a couple of minutes before drinking. It taste ok but I don't feel I get the same 'hit' of lemon-iness or acidity as with the half lemon.

Interestingly I was surprised to see that I extract 3 tablespoons of juice (60ml or 2 oz) from half a lemon. That's a lot more than I expected. That would explain why I get more of an effect when I use the fresh lemon as opposed to just a slice in a glass of water.

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