My lemon with water experiment Day 2

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Wednesday, 16 September 2009.
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Started my morning with a chilled glass of water with lemon juice as yesterday. Was a bit of an effort to get it all down again this morning but I did it. And I must say it does fill you up and stop you filling hungry.

Had my 8am early-start Pilates class this morning so just had the water with lemon and managed to get throug the class no problems.  I find I can't eat anything much before Pilates as it sits in my stomach and then I can't do the exercises which all require you to "turn on" your abdomen and use a lot of muscle power.

If you have much food in your stomach, it's simply not do-able.  But having said that, I still need a little something to keep me going.  Usually I eat half a carton of yoghurt or a piece of toast with spread.

Today I got through it all with just the water with lemon which did surprise me somewhat.  Mind you, I was rather peckish afterwards and treated myself to a baguette with salmon, lettuce and capers washed down with a skim capuccino as I was near a busy office area with quick trendy cafes and breakfast places.

Let's see how I fare on Day 3 ....

Catherine Saxelby

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