Fish Oils and Omega-3s ebook

Fish Oils and Omega-3s ebook

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If you want to know exactly what to buy when you’re shopping, this is the guide for you.

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If you want to know exactly what to buy when you’re shopping, this is the guide for you.

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Health benefits, capsule dosages and buying guide

Fish oil capsules are one of the biggest-selling dietary supplements. They have much research behind them and have been used in clinical trials to treat a wide range of health problems such as heart disease, arthritis, loss of vision, chemotherapy side-effects and even mental disorders like depression, schizophrenia and ADHD. This 50-page book covers all the questions you have on fish oil capsules.

Standard, double strength, triple strength, wild salmon, algal or krill oil – it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the myriad of fish oil capsules in the supplement aisle. I demystify the most common terms in plain English, compare popular brands and reveal the key considerations in choosing the most beneficial fish oil for you. YOU know what to look for when you're out buying and what quantity to take for what sort of treatment you're after. How useful are they?  Hashtag #FishOilCapsules

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About Catherine Saxelby

Catherine Saxelby, B Sc, APD, AN, FAIFST, is one of Australia's most trusted, award-winning nutritionists and food commentators. She is a ‘voice of reason' in a world full of food fads, extreme diets and trendy super foods. She has contributed to many magazines such as Healthy Food Guide, Prevention and New Idea, and has appeared on TV programs including Good Morning Australia and Today. She is the author of 13 books including the phenomenal Nutrition for Life (first published in 1986) and the Food and Nutrition Companion. She has a wealth of experience, having had a career as a hospital dietitian, community health nutritionist, product manager in the food industry, author, freelance writer and presenter. Currently she runs an informational website at where she shares her discoveries about nutrition, diets and food trends.

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ISBN: 978-0-9875521-8-1
Format: ePUB, Mobi and PDF
Language: English
Number of words: 15,000
Equivalent to: 50 pages - read in under 2 hours
Published: 2020
Publisher: Foodwatch Nutrition Hub

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  • A well-designed and beautifully-formatted eBook
  • Professionally-edited and expertly-proofread text that is easy to read
  • The benefit of my weeks and weeks of research into fish oil capsules plus my years of experience as a dietitian, which have directed this book.

Contents – here’s what you’ll receive:

Introduction and welcome from Catherine

What actually is fish oil?

What about oxidation and rancidity?

Do I need to take fish oil? Why not just eat fish?

Top 30 food sources of long-chain omega-3s

Top 8 food sources of plant omega-3s

How much plant omega-3 do I need?

Fish types - how do you tell oily or white?

What’s the best brand to buy?

Is liquid oil any better than the capsules?

How should I store fish oil?

How do they make them odourless?

Is there a problem with mercury in fish oil?

Is there a problem with iodine in fish oil?

The soft outer gel shell — what’s it made from?

Can you take fish oil if you have an allergy to fish or seafood?

Is NZ green-lipped mussel oil any better than standard fish oil?

What about algal oils containing omega-3?

What about modified oilseed oils containing omega-3?

Krill oil vs fish oil?

Can I take cod liver oil instead?

Appendix: Omega-3 content per capsule

Appendix: References

PLUS you get Bonus Cheat Sheets to help you grasp things faster. Free downloads! Don’t miss this special offer! These Cheat Sheets are not available elsewhere.


Here's what others have to say

  • "Congratulations on your new publication."  Dr Peter Nichols, CSIRO Honorary Fellow and Omega-3 specialist
  • "Evidence based and balanced, really good info for aging well."  Gail
  • "Just the way Catherine's discusses the types of fish oil and the ways you can take it in, I found it all clear and easy to understand."  Mary
  • "What an informative and easy read. So much fantastic information and all in one place. You answer every question one could possibly ask on fish oils."  Penny

List of fish oil, krill oil, algal oil, mussel oil and liquid oil supplements compared in this book:

  • Bioglan Fish Oil Odourless 1000
  • Bioglan Red Krill Oil
  • Bioglan Red Krill Oil Double & Triple Strength
  • Bioglan Super Fish Oil 2000
  • Blackmores Fish Oil 1000
  • Blackmores Fish Oil Odourless
  • Blackmores Lyprinol
  • Blackmores Lyprinol Double
  • Blackmores Omega Triple Strength
  • Cenovis Eco-fish High-strength
  • Cenovis Fish Oil High-strength Odourless
  • Coles Odourless Fish Oil
  • Deva Vegan DHA-EPA
  • Ethical Nutrients OmegaZorb High Strength
  • GO krill oil
  • GO Krill oil 1500
  • Go Mussel Oil
  • Green Nutritionals Green Omega-3
  • Herbs of Gold Fish Oil
  • Herbs Of Gold Natural Salmon Oil
  • Melrose Omega Fish Oil
  • Minami Nutrition Algae Omega-3
  • MyProtein Vegan Omega
  • Nature’s Own Ultra Krill Oil
  • Nature’s Own Ultra High-strength
  • Nature’s Way 1000
  • Nature’s Way True Odourless Fish Oil
  • Nature’s Way 1500
  • Nature’s Own Omega-3
  • Nordic Naturals Algae Omega
  • Opti3
  • Ovega-3
  • Quality Health Odourless Fish Oil
  • Quality Health High Strength Krill Oil
  • Suisse Ultiboost Odourless Wild Fish Oil
  • Therapeia Australia Omega-3 Marine Algae Oil
  • Wagner Fish Oil

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