My Nutritionary print book

Winner of the Non-Fiction Authors Gold award


The Super Powers of Veg ebook

Veg are the powerhouse of the food world yet fewer than ten percent of adults eat the recommended amounts. Find out why.


Iron in Foods List & Report

21 foods with their iron content per serve. Plus a report outlining what iron does in the body, what to do if you don't eat meat, iron helpers & iron supplements.


Fish Oils and Omega-3s ebook

If you want to know exactly what to buy when you’re shopping, this is the guide for you.


Navigating the Numbers: FOOD ADDITIVES ebook

This ebook sheds light on why additives are used, where they come from and which ones should trigger your “Avoid” button.


Vitamins - What, Why and Where ebook

Learn all about the 14 vitamins your body needs for healthy living– their functions, benefits and food sources.


Souped Up and Sensible ebook

The SMART way to lose weight


Eating Mindfully

Discover how eating mindfully aids weight loss & can lead to better digestion, as well as be in tune with your body.