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Fact Sheets

Catherine's full-colour easy-to-read tips and tricks as free Fact Sheets for you to download and stick on the fridge.



pdf 12 steps to healthy eating Popular

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Refresh yourself with the basics of healthy eating with my 12 easy steps. The more you understand, the better you'll be able to shop, cook and eat. A simple one page summary of what's what in the field of nutrition.

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pdf 7 Diet Secrets for busy bodies Popular

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7 Diet Secrets for busy bodies

Losing weight is never easy. Try my 7 tips to help your weight loss efforts along. Diets come and go - but these are solid principles that stay the same and are always part of every successful diet plan.

pdf 7 reasons why you should eat more fibre Popular

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Eating more fibre is one of the simplest ways to improve your daily diet. Read up on how much you need and learn easy swaps to boost your fibre whether cereal or snacks

pdf 7 steps to less salt Popular

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Salt is the hidden villain in our food supply. We have no idea how much salt we're eating as many modern foods don't taste all that salty! Discover my 7 quick ways to cut back on salt and see what a difference buying low-salt and no-added-salt products can make.

pdf A salad a day keeps kilos away Popular

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A tossed salad is a great way to make any meal - even pizza or fish and chips - more balanced. REad the 10 healthy reasons why you should eat a salad each day. It's all to do with kilojoule-density (or calorie-density). If you're trying to slim down, it's a good idea to order a salad as an appetiser. It fills you up for few kilojoules.


pdf Eating out on a diet Popular

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Is your excess weight due to your eating out? It's no coincidence that eating out is on the rise as the same time as we face an obesity crisis. Eating out often means more fat, more sugar, salt, alcohol and kilojoules (calories) than when we cook at home. Read my 7 tips to help you eat light when you eat out.

pdf Fast food - healthy options Popular

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pdf Fast food - healthy options (230 KB) pdf Fast food - healthy options (230 KB)

Burgers, fries, pizza and nuggets. Learn how you can stay healthy but still eat fast food. See how the fat and kilojoules (calories) stack up and how super-sizing is the norm. Plus my top 10 healthiest take-aways listed so you can choose when you're out or on the road.

pdf Foodwatch Fact Sheet SUGAR Popular

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pdf Hunger-Fullness Log Popular

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Rate your feelings of hunger from 0 to 10 over the day and use my handy log to track it over a day. You'll soon realise when you eat out of mouth hunger, not stomach hunger. In contrast, rate your fullness level from "quite satisfied" to "overstuffed" so you can work out a nice comfortable point of fullness (satiety) to stop eating. Works with ANY diet or program.

pdf Juices and juicing - don't drink the calories Popular

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Juices are fat-free and healthy but they are fruit in concentrated form - high in natural sugars, kilojoules/calories and easy to over-consume. You couldn't chomp your way through 2 or 3 oranges in a minute but I bet you could easily drink in one large glass of fresh juice. Be warned. 

pdf Portion Caution Popular

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See how portion sizes have gradually gotten bigger and why a super-sized portion means you'll eat more! Plus my 10 tips for spotting this not-so-healthy supersize craze. Think portion size control! I often say stop AFTER the first three mouthfuls!