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Written by Super User on Tuesday, 17 July 2018.



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Who knows what that all info on a food label means? Catherine Saxelby does! Her latest eBook Cracking the Code will show you how to decode labels and sift the facts from the marketing hype. Don’t be fooled anymore – be informed!

Find out what's what on a food label

Do you know what you’re eating? What your children are eating? Can you decode food labels? Do you know what those claims on the front really mean?

Catherine Saxelby’s eBook Cracking the Code will help you tell at glance what’s important and what’s not.

It shows you how to decipher a food label, what the major ingredients are, where to find hidden allergens, how to make sense of the list of ingredients, where to find the additives, how to compare products side by side, and how to interpret the nutrition information panel. All the things you need to know to read “between the lines”.

With this eBook, you’ll become a pro and learn how to verify claims on pack such as "all natural”, "light", "high in fibre" or "wholegrains". Finally you’ll figure out what’s what in your food.

There’s a wealth of information on a food label as long as you know how to interpret it. Catherine’s eBook Cracking the Code will show you how.

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Why I wrote this eBook

“I’ve come to realise that there’s a wealth of information on a food label – but you have to know how to interpret it. I’ve spent years learning how via working with food companies, attending workshops and writing the labels for new products and now I want to help you master this code for yourself. Jump in and grab this eBook and find out for yourself.” 

Catherine Saxelby

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ISBN-13: 978-0-9875521-3-6 
Format: ePub, Mobi, PDF
Language: English
Contains 49 colour pics of food label examples 
>> 18,000 words >> Equivalent to 80 pages >> Read in over 1 hour

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Contents – here’s what you’ll get:

6 chapters to educate and inform so you will understand everything about what's what on a food label. In simple easy-to-grasp English. No jargon - all technical terms explained.

Introduction from Catherine
How to use this eBook 
How to understand the different date formats like Use-By or Best-Before
How to read the Nutrition Info Panel
How to recognise hype versus useful and genuine claims
How to decipher Ingredient Lists
An overview of additives and which ones are the worst and to be avoided (not all additives are ‘bad’) 
An overview of the basic requirements of the food code for a label
Resources and websites for more information

Plus you get 4 Bonus Cheat Sheets to help you grasp things faster. Free downloads! 

About the author

Catherine is an Australian accredited practicing dietitian and nutritionist who is trusted as the ‘voice of reason’ in a world full of food fads, extreme diets and trendy super foods.

Catherine has spent a lifetime reading food labels and now she shares her secrets with you. You don’t need a degree in nutrition or food technology . You just need to be shown how to crack the code.

Catherine holds a degree in science plus post-graduate qualifications in nutrition and dietetics, both from the University of Sydney. She is an active member of the Dietitians Association of Australia, the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology, the Australian Medical Writers Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She makes it her business to know what's what and who's who in the world of nutrition.



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Catherine Saxelby

About the Author

Catherine Saxelby has the answers! She is an accredited nutritionist, blogger and award-winning author. Her latest book Nutrition for Life  is a new update on all the things you've read or heard about. Think insects, collagen, vegan eating, Keto dieting, vitamin B12, fast food and cafe culture.  It has plenty of colour pictures and is easy to dip in and out of. Grab your copy NOW!