Fish Oil Capsules & Omega-3s - free Cheat Sheets for you

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Saturday, 01 February 2020.

Fish Oil Capsules & Omega-3s - free Cheat Sheets for you

Thank you for buying my book "Fish Oils and Omega-3s: the handy Foodwatch Guide."

As part of your purchase, here are your  downloadable Cheat Sheets - handy PDFs which give short cuts, hacks and tips to help you figure out what's what and to buy better. Print them off.  Or save them to your computer or mobile phone to access when you're out. 

I hope you find them useful. I created them when compiling the book.

Just CLICK on the links below.








Downloads / Fact Sheets

Cheat Sheet 1: Capsules Content Dose and Cost
Master Table with source websites, dosage and costing

Cheat Sheet 2:  Glossary of terms used such as ALA, LA, GLA, EPA and DHA
Gives you all the explanations for the terms used often

Cheat Sheet 3:   pdf Biochemical pathways of elongation and desaturation of fatty acids 
(42 KB)
Shows how the omega-6s compete with the omega-3s for the same enzymes

Cheat Sheet 4: pdf Recipe Atlantic salmon with rosemary, pepper and garlic (230 KB)

Cheat Sheet 5: pdf Top 10 Sources of Plant Omega-3s
(195 KB)
Different to the final table in the book as this one has figures and 4 Categories, not 3

 Cheat Sheet 6: Technique for taking liquid fish oil
An easy way to swallow a higher dose of the liquid oil. This is the Cleland-James Method.




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