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How useful is light ice-cream or light milk? How many kilojoules or calories do you save by swapping to light chocolate? Or potato crisps? What else is added to make up for the drop in fat content?

Over 50 light foods compared

The Shopper's Guide to Light Foods for Weight Loss by noted nutritionist, dietitian and food expert Catherine Saxelbymakes it easy for you to judge a light product. It conveniently divides all light foods into 3 groups:

  1. 1. genuine savings
    2. some savings
    3. no value.

It shows you that sometimes, even when there's 30 per cent less fat, that doesn't translate into 30 per cent less kilojoules/calories. Often it only translates into a saving of 10 per cent of the overall kilojoules - not a great deal. Not enough to compensate for the loss of flavour and texture that you so often have to sacrifice. Not enough to make a REAL difference to your day's total intake.

30-page downloadable report

This unique report compares and contrasts over 50 light foods with their regular version, gives you handy rules for shopping, answers those common questions on fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, fat and children, and details the nutrition analyses and claims made for 50 products both per 100 grams and per serve. You'll have all the figures at your fingertips.

File size: 1.6MB as a pdf file

Praise for this eReport:

'Light Foods for Weight Loss' is a really useful report. Reducing the fat content of a food should also reduce its kilojoule content - but this does not always happen, or happens less than you would expect. This report explains why, and provides a clear guide to foods that provide the best combination of lower fat and lower kilojoules using quantitative comparisons. Malcolm Riley - Regulatory & Policy Manager, Dairy Australia

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