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What tropical fruit is that?

What tropical fruit is that?

It’s summer in the southern hemisphere and that’s when we get an abundance of tropical fruits. More and more exotic-looking fruits are taking their place next to the well-known and popular mangoes, paw-paws and pineapples. But what are they? What do they taste like? What’s their nutrition profile? And how do you know if they’re ripe?

3 January 2018 by Guest post

Read on - here I take a look at these cute mini-pots of fresh growing herbs for your kitchen. Are they worth buying? Are they easy to look after?

Product review: Kanzi Apples

Apples are apples, aren’t they? Well no. Some are sweeter, some have more crunch, some cook well, some are better for eating, some...

10 May 2017 by Catherine Saxelby

What is your relationship with food and eating?

What I’m eating now (Summer 2017)

Summer means eating al fresco. All those lovely picnics, barbecues, beaches and time spent in the sunny outdoors. I love the warmer...

18 January 2017 by Catherine Saxelby

Tropical fruit salad

Tropical fruit salad

Here's my fav fruit salad recipe. It's easy and you can substitute any fruit you have on hand - a great way to use up bits and...

9 June 2009 by Catherine Saxelby