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What is your relationship with food and eating?

20 great ways with fresh rosemary

Recently I posted on Instagram how much rosemary I had growing in my garden in the bush. It thrives in that hot dry climate which is not dissimilar to the Mediterranean world. From two tiny plants, I now have two huge bushes, each around one metre in diameter bursting with aromatic fragrance. So what to do with it all? I’d already used it to marinate a shoulder of lamb and boost the flavour of crispy-roast potatoes – both traditional pairings for the fragrant but woody herb. But this...

5 April 2017 by Catherine Saxelby

Read on - here I take a look at these cute mini-pots of fresh growing herbs for your kitchen. Are they worth buying? Are they easy to look after?

Product Review: Poppin Pods

 Nothing irritates me more than throwing out packets of wilted mushy herbs at the end of the week. Such a huge waste! Unless...

20 January 2016 by Catherine Saxelby