What is your relationship with food and eating?

What I’m eating now (Summer 2017)

Summer means eating al fresco. All those lovely picnics, barbecues, beaches and time spent in the sunny outdoors. I love the warmer days which means it’s a perfect time to make up a salad and say “No” to heartier, colder fare. And it’s the best time to make changes to how you eat as well as get more swimming, or walking, or tennis into your day’s routine. Here’s what I’m eating at the moment – I hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration to help you to better health and...

18 January 2017 by Catherine Saxelby

What is your relationship with food and eating?

7 weight loss hacks to do NOW

Finding it hard to shed those extra kilos or pounds? New Year is traditionally a time for new beginnings so now is the ideal time to...

11 January 2017 by Catherine Saxelby

What is your relationship with food and eating?

Your 7 best New Year resolutions for weight loss

It’s that time of year when we all turn over a new leaf and decide to lose those last stubborn kilos/pounds, exercise each day,...

4 January 2017 by Catherine Saxelby

 Tzatziki dip and sauce

Tzatziki dip and sauce

Here’s my idea of a quick ‘sauce’ that can be dolloped over slow-cooked lamb or barbecued lamb cutlets. It also really lifts...

14 December 2016 by Catherine Saxelby

Lemony Lentil Soup

Lemony Lentil Soup

Dietitian Caroline Trickey says she enjoys demonstrating this recipe in her cooking classes as it is a firm favourite of hers and so...

7 December 2016 by Guest Post

Read on - here I take a look at these cute mini-pots of fresh growing herbs for your kitchen. Are they worth buying? Are they easy to look after?

Product Snapshot: Plain sweetened yoghurts - are they a healthier choice?

Have you ever come home with the wrong yoghurt? In other words, did you think you were buying plain, natural and unsweetened yoghurt...

30 November 2016 by Catherine Saxelby