Our best antioxidant posts

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Tuesday, 24 June 2014.
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Our best antioxidant posts

With a site as big as the Foodwatch site and a subject as complex as nutrition we thought it would be a good idea to collect some of our related posts into one spot to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. This collection of antioxidant posts is just such a post.

Let’s get started…

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antioxWhat are antioxidants? - antioxidants are molecules which act as the body's first line of defence against damage from a natural process called oxidation. 

Top 100 polyphenols. What are they and why are they important? - many antioxidants are polyphenols so it's worth knowing a little about them.

Q. If you don't drink wine, can you get the same antioxidants from purple grapes or dark grape juice? - red wine seems to have the edge over grapes and grape juice for a couple of reasons. This post tells you why.

Tea bag in clear glassDark chocolate - health food or guiltless treat?- each new study  that alleges health benefits seems to give us the green light to indulge but what's the truth? 

7 reasons why I love to drink tea - it wasn't until the discovery of antioxidants that tea became a "health food". I love a good cuppa, find out why.

What is vitamin E (Tocopherol)? - Vitamin E isn't a single substance but consists of a group of 8 compounds. Find out what it does and how much you need in this post.

What is Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)? - probably the most well-known vitamin but what does it do and how much do you need?

Incaberries longProduct review: Incaberries: a new “super berry”? - after years of hype and marketing for cranberries, goji, noni, acai and mangosteen, now there’s a new berry in your health food aisle or produce store. It’s the Incaberry!

Product Review Orange and Purple Vegetable Crisps - with their bright colours and pack shots of root vegetables, they scream "healthier snack". But are vegetable chips really better?

Nutrition glossary - a handy glossary of all those puzzling nutrition terms, including antioxidants. 

Top 20 Superfoods

Super Foods

One of the claims to fame of “super foods” is their antioxidant content but they have much more than that to recommend them. We have devoted a whole section of the website to Super Food posts and you can access them all here.


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