The February 2104 Foodwatch Newsletter is all about fasting

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Tuesday, 11 February 2014.
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The February 2104 Foodwatch Newsletter is all about fasting

The February issue of the Foodwatch Newsletter takes a look at fasting, ancient and modern, from the traditional fasts of Lent, Ramadan and Yom Kippur to the modern versions of fasting like Calorie Restriction, intermittent fasting and the 5:2 or Fast Diet. It’ll be quite a ride so hang on…

I grew up as a Catholic and the Lenten ritual of giving up something and fasting was a normal part of every year in the 1960s. We also used to fast one hour before Mass and communion so we received the sacrament on an empty stomach and no meat was allowed on Fridays (and later only the Fridays of Lent). To read more about Lent and other fasts – ancient and modern – check out this month’s newsletter here.

Also in this month’s newsletter we tell you what’s new on the Foodwatch website and we introduce you to our Product of the Month, the Seed Square. Plus I’ll tell you where you can catch up with me in Sydney.

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