Don’t be fooled by LabelSpeak: learn to Crack the Code! eCourse

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Wednesday, 05 April 2017.
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Don’t be fooled by LabelSpeak: learn to Crack the Code! eCourse
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If something says “All Natural” or "No Artificial Colours and Preservatives” does that mean it’s good for you? Not necessarily, it could just be clever advertising LabelSpeak. Do you know how to tell?

Learn to Crack the Code!

I’ve had so many questions about labels and the various claims, ingredient lists, nutrition panels, additives and Use-by dates on them that I’ve developed an eCourse called  Crack the Code to help you educate yourself on the things you really need to know and, also, how to recognise LabelSpeak and read “between the lines”.

You'll find waiting for you:

6 easy-to-follow lessons

  1. Crack the Dates
  2. Crack the Nutrition Panel
  3. Crack the Claims
  4. Crack the Ingredients
  5. Crack the Additives
  6. Crack the Code (overview)

Each Lesson has a:

  • Slide deck to watch with many food labels analysed and explained
  • Handout Notes which gives you a complete summary of the Lesson to refer to later
  • Video of Catherine showing you everyday foods as examples of what to look for on a food label
  • Easy exercises to test yourself.

Plus you’ll get free extra Cheat Sheets to take with you when shopping. You can work through the six lessons all at once or at your own pace. Ideally I suggest one or two a week over three weeks to allow time for it all to "sink in" and for you to check out food labels of your own.

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Make the most of my expertise

I’m Catherine Saxelby, a university-qualified dietitian and nutritionist of over 25 years. I understand the ins and outs of food, diets and nutrition. I’ve taught hundreds of people - adults and teens - how to de-code food labels and learn the most from the food label. Join me!

Well-known author as your teacher

I’m an author of over 2000 articles and 10 books covering just about every aspect of healthy eating, super foods and the latest diets. My books include best selling titles such as Nutrition for Life (Kindle Edition) and the Food and Nutrition Companion. I also run this popular nutrition website Foodwatch where I help busy people to eat better and manage their weight if they need to.

Let me help you Crack the Code!

I've spent a life time deciphering food labels and now it's time to share the secrets. You don’t need a degree in nutrition or food technology. You just need the right information to crack the food code yourself.

You'll become a pro at spotting the marketing hype. You'll find how it can be verified when you see "organic" or "light" or "high in fibre" or "70% wholegrains"or similar claims on thefront of a food pack.

There is a wealth of information on a food label as long as you know how to interpret it. It’s like a secret code. You just need a way to CRACK THE CODE.

The next step

Take the next step and enrol in my online eCourse - Crack the Code! 

For only A$49 (US$37), you can become a label expert. You’ll never be mislead by LabelSpeak again; you’ll be able to make informed decisions on which food is best for you and/or your family and avoid those that contain additives or ingredients which may cause harm or allergic reactions. Enrol now!

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