Keep up with latest nutrition news with the Foodwatch Newsletter

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Monday, 21 October 2019.
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Keep up with latest nutrition news with the Foodwatch Newsletter

Keep up with latest nutrition news with our monthly Foodwatch Newsletter. Each month, we send out a newsletter packed with information on the latest diet trends, nutrition research, what's new on the Foodwatch website, info on our Product of the Month and What I'm Eating Now (everyone asks!). Why not subscribe now at the sidebar on the right? That way, you can get our newsletter direct to your Inbox on the last Tuesday of each month. 

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Take a look at the topics I've covered:

March 2020

 In this issue, I cover how to boost your immune system, how to eat the bet chocolate over Easter and what is the best exercise to maintain a healthy weight as you get older (a biggie for most of us, myself included). 

You can read the Newsletter here.

September 2019

In this issue, I write about new research from the US which showed that distraction is bad for your waistline so don't read or view things whilst you eat. That includes your mobile! Then I cover breast cancer, National Nutrition Week plus Walk to Work day, as well as giving my verdict on the newest Hart 'n' Soul packet soups. 

You can read the Newsletter here.

November 2017

In this issue, I cover all things Paleo and included some advice on how to modify the Paleo diet to make it more sustainable. Our product of the Month was Lindeman's Early Harvest Shiraz which is one of their range of early harvest wines which have lower alcohol levels and fewer calories.

You can read the Newsletter here.


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We also make it easy for you to follow what's happening on the Foodwatch site because each newsletter has a "What's New " section with links to all the latest posts.

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