Catherine's Causes

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Tuesday, 16 June 2009.
Tagged: food trends, healthy eating, nutrition

Like everyone these days, I'm busy. But I aim to give some of my time back to help others. Here's my list of health-related foundations, organisations and causes that I'm passionate about. I also mentor young dietitians and help them to publish their first book and to be more confident media spokespeople.

Clean Up Australia 

clean-up-day-smllI love bushwalking but I get so annoyed when I walk to a picturesque lookout or serene creek only to find it littered with modern-day waste. Most of it will be there for forever unless someone picks it up as it never decomposes. For the past 10 years, I've joined many people on Clean Up Australia Day and picked up bags of litter somewhere near us.

I urge you to volunteer to run a Clean Up in your area. It's not a hard job - Clean Up Australia supplies the bags and collects them afterwards; volunteers register online or on forms on the day; all you have to do is tell people which areas to head to, to collect stuff. To register or donate a green gift, contact Clean Up Australia on

Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) 

medecins-sans-frontieresThis is a wonderful independent humanitarian aid organisation that helps so many people who - through no fault of their own - are victims of war, famines and disasters.

Daffodil Day

cc-logo-smllMy mother died of stomach cancer so I like to volunteer to help raise funds for the Cancer Council for research as well as help for carers and sufferers. Daffodil Day occurs each August or September each year and you'll see volunteers at train stations, airports and large shopping centres with their buckets of fresh daffodils for sale.  If you spot them, please do stop and buy some to help the cause.

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

abmt-cuppa-logo-smllI love to sip a cup of tea (apart from my role as tea spokesperson) and have either hosted or spoken at this great event for over five years. Tea is a good choice as its antioxidants have been linked to cancer prevention in research.  It's a fun way to raise money for cancer research and catch up with friends or work colleagues.

National Parks & Wildlife Foundation

catherine-kayaking-smllIt's so wonderful to enjoy the serenity of being outdoors in the 'greenery' or near the water away from the noise and hurly-burly of city life. It really does recharge the batteries! If we didn't have our great national parks and green spaces, our country would be a lot poorer.