Hangry? Tame that beast with food ideas ... and more

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Wednesday, 27 July 2022.
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Hangry? Tame that beast with food ideas ...  and more
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In a recent study, researchers linked hunger to emotions such as anger, irritability and less pleasure, even after accounting for variables such as a person’s age, body mass index, sex and dietary behaviours. The results were the same: people were angry and irritable when they didn’t eat.  Anyone with a teenager or toddler who hasn't had their lunch can relate! 

This month I look at this and more... 

In this month’s newsletter, I look a new study which has found a link between hunger and anger - hangry! 'Being hangry is real,’ says the headline. Many of us may have seen it already. Here’s my take on how to deal with being hangry.  I also tackle that fifth taste we don't talk about as much - umami,  and more.  Let's talk about what you can eat for the rest of your life if you only have one choice and maybe some of the winter recipes on the website will help you choose. 

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