Who is Catherine Saxelby?

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Sunday, 21 June 2009.
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Who is Catherine Saxelby?

Hi, I'm Catherine Saxelby.  If you're wondering who I am, then this is the place to find out. My official Bio is below but here are 7 facets about me ...

My passions...

  • food and nutrition
  • making healthy eating EASY so it's not a chore
  • helping people who haven't got a lot of spare time eat healthily
  • promoting healthy weight loss without a set diet
  • testing food products, reviewing new diet books
  • teaching nutrition
  • cooking healthy food without a lot of fuss
  • eating delicious meals and tasting new foods (yep, I'm a foodie too)
  • my Foodwatch website (a member of the Nutrition Blog Network - see right)
  • sharing what I've learned as a nutritionist, freelancer and busy Mum of two.

My peeves...

  • all the nonsense and confusion that surrounds food, eating and diets these days
  • stupid fad diets that promise fast weight loss and suck you in
  • unhealthy fast food dripping with grease and overloaded with salt or sugar
  • tourist food that's cheap and junky - not a vegetable in sight!
  • fine dining restaurants that make you pay for the vegetables or salad. They should be part of the dinner price.

My website...

Foodwatch is a blend of art and science - the art of cooking quick healthy meals plus the science of food and food theories.  It covers:

My background...

  • I've worked in nutrition for over 25 years - in a hospital, a clinic, a research centre as well as for food companies, government departments and magazines
  • I've taught nutrition & science to high school students as well as TAFE and adult education
  • Advised growers and manufacturers how to market their products with nutrition in mind
  • Served as a nutrition editor and freelance journalist (for magazines and newspapers) for the last 12 years.
  • Written over 2000 articles on just about every aspect of healthy eating
  • Published 10 books on eating and special diets. Nutrition for Life is one of the best-selling books on nutrition with sales almost tipping half a million over 20 years.Buy it here. Or take a look at my latest book, Catherine Saxelby's Complete Food and Nutrition Companion here or grab your signed copy here.
  • Researched and analysed hundreds of foods and products
  • Critiqued nutrition assessment programs for healthy foods
  • Created a successful website
  • Analysed and tested hundreds of recipes
  • Created dozens of facts sheets and resources that are used by doctors, dietitians and teachers
  • Acted as media spokesperson for radio and television
  • Have done an awful lot of cooking from everyday meals for the family to bulk dishes for volunteers, to teaching kids how to cook simple meals to modified recipes for medical diets like gluten-free and salt-free.

My philosophy...

I believe healthy food should be quick and easy. It shouldn't cost a bomb. Nor should it need special ingredients or pills. Just those basic staples like fresh vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, fish, nuts, beans and legumes. Hear my philosophy healthy eating for busy people. Listen now to an interview with Joanne Lester  (Audio file from Radio FM1032 - runs for 9 mins)

My articles...

Read my best articles, the ones I'm really proud of.

And my practical articles on this site on subjects ranging from how to eat well to healthy weight loss to eating to boost your energy.

Me on the web...

  • Download Catherine's official Bio here  (pdf 430KB)
  • Watch Catherine talking about the Glycaemic Index 
  • Watch Catherine talking about Healthy School Lunches
  • Which is the best oil? Catherine tells you.
  • Catherine demonstrates how easy it is to dress a salad.