7 books to make healthy eating easier

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Wednesday, 23 June 2021.
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7 books to make healthy eating easier

People tell me how confused they are about what they should eat. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 7 books that will help make healthy eating easier.

In today’s world things change at the speed of light. It’s hard to keep up with the latest research, strategies and mindsets, especially when working from home. That’s why I run the Foodwatch website and newsletter, to help busy women stay abreast of the latest developments in nutrition.

I invest my time and energy so you can access the info you need in a time frame that suits you.

Here is my choice of seven impactful nutrition books that will help transform your eating this year. 

In PIn Praise Vegs Alice Zaslaski Bookraise of Veg 

For the vegetarian or just veg-first, In Praise of Veg is a comprehensive reference on the topic, as well as a delicious answer to the age-old question: what are we eating? A true modern kitchen companion. You can grab your copy here.




Heart Health Guide Catherine ItsiopoulosThe Heart Health Guide

Published in 2020, The Heart Health Guide features 80 delicious recipes, easy-to-follow meal plans, and clear advice on how to sustain a diet that could prevent and reduce your risk factors for heart disease. Scientifically backed by decades of peer-reviewed research, the Mediterranean Diet is a rigorously tested diet that has been proven to prevent heart disease and diabetes. It also helps with weight management, and promotes longevity. It’s been authored by my colleague Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos.

 Available at Booktopia.

Rossi Eat Yourself Healthy Book

 Eat Yourself Healthy

Are you aware you should be taking care of your gut, but don't know where to start? Feel like you eat a balanced diet but constantly suffer from food comas and bloating? Or perhaps you're just interested in finding out the best way to eat for optimal health? Dr Megan Rossi uncovers the answers to these most Googled gut-health questions in her debut book Eat Yourself Healthy. I’ll be checking my poop after reading this book. Grab a copy from Booktopia


The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet QCSIRO low carb diet quick easy Bookuick and Easy

By Grant Brinkworth and Pennie Taylor who are two CSIRO obesity and weight loss researchers. Along the lines of earlier CSIRO books, this book gives you all you need to know about cutting out high-GI carbs and eating for weight loss. Available now here



modern flexitarian DK BookModern Flexitarian

I’m a great believer in not cutting meat OUT completely but we do need to cut DOWN. Hence, I don’t devour those huge, thick steaks anymore. You know the ones that hang off the sides of your plate. I’m more for a lot of vegetables, a lot of legumes combined with a small amount of meat or chicken or fish these days. That’s why I like the appeal of this Modern Flexitarian cookbook which describes what is already a big diet nutritional movement - 'flexitarianism'. 

If you're concerned about the nutritional, ethical, or environmental issues surrounding livestock farming, but struggling to give up meat and dairy entirely, then this flexitarian diet might just be right for you. 

The Modern Flexitarian book shows you how to be a part-time vegetarian. But, as the name suggests, flexitarianism is also about flexibility! This book has many healthy, appetizing , family-friendly  and flexible recipe ideas.  Get your copy here

use it all BookUse It All

This is the Cornersmith’s guide to a more sustainable kitchen. It’s a handy book with ideas for buying less and making more with what you've got. By the acclaimed Alex Elliott-Howery and Jaimee Edwards of the Sydney restaurant, Cornersmith.  Buy your copy now.  



Ethical omnivore BookThe Ethical Omnivore

Meat is the most controversial ingredient these days. Read what Laura Dalrymple and Grant Hilliard (who together run the providores called Feather and Bone in Sydney) say about meat production. They are unmatched in their commitment to full transparency in their meat and only buy whole animals, which they then break down and supply retail as well as to leading restaurants. It’s nose-to-tail dining at its best.  Available here


The bottom line

I hope these books will inspire you and keep you motivated to maintain your healthy eating regimes, whatever they may be. There is something for everyone here. Checkout Booktopia or the Book Depository as they usually have the best prices.



Catherine Saxelby

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