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6 steps to eat mindfully

Written by Catherine Saxelby on Tuesday, 13 July 2010.
Tagged: eating mindfully, healthy eating, overweight, weight loss

6 steps to eat mindfully
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My friend Michele Connolly, who runs the Get Organised Wizard website, said on Twitter or X the other day: "Did I really eat that entire 200 gram bag of cheese-and-onion-chips during Grey's (Grey's Anatomy TV show)?" I half-jokingly tweeted back: That's mindless eating for you!

It struck me that her don't-remember-what-I-ate consumption of a whole pack of chips while engrossed in an interesting show is the perfect example of mindless eating. Distracted by watching TV or a movie, we mindlessly fill our mouths, short-circuiting our fullness signals. We keep on eating unaware of the huge amounts we're putting away. In my opinion this is an oft-overlooked cause of obesity.

The modern food supply encourages a grazing mentality via fast food drive-ins, vending machines full of snacky-junk food and confectionery counters at every retail outlet. What's more it actually encourages us to eat while doing other tasks.

"Multi-tasking" has long been a business buzz word but is often just a euphemism for eating while doing other things. Whether it's popcorn at the cinema, desktop dining while you work, dashboard dining as you drive or dinner in front of the TV, it all leads us to eat more than we need.

Mindless eating exposed

The author of the book "Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think" (Bantam Books), says most of us overeat because we are distracted or are surrounded by junk food served in large portion sizes. We eat as if it's our mission to finish everything!

In one famous experiment, his team of researchers offered a free bucket of popcorn to moviegoers in return for answering a few (dummy) questions about the movie once it was over.

Half the moviegoers got a medium-size bucket weighing 120 g or 4.2 oz, while the other half were given the large-size, bigger-than-your-head, bucket weighing 235 g or 8.4oz.

Weighing the leftovers in the buckets after the movie, the researchers reported that the big-bucket group ate 53 per cent more popcorn (an average of 725 more kilojoules or 175 calories) while mindlessly munching. That's roughly the equivalent of 21 more dips into the bucket.

He repeated the experiment with stale, 14 day-old, popcorn and got similar results. After the movie, the researchers asked the moviegoers to describe the popcorn and they weighed how much popcorn was left in the containers.

Even though they described the popcorn as "stale" and "terrible", moviegoers with the larger containers still ate 34 per cent more than those given the medium-sized containers.

Eating with awareness - my 6 steps

To help yourself learn to eat with awareness, try these simple first steps to practice eating mindfully and prevent mindless consumption.

 Girl Noodles Eating smll

Your goal is to be conscious of how you're eating and what your stomach registers. When you're in touch with what is going on inside, you'll know the exact moment you are physically satisfied rather than over full or stuffed. It's the best technique for weight control and works regardless of what sort of diet you're on. I follow these steps every day and highly recommend this way of eating!

1. Sit down to eat, even if it's only for a snack. Turn the TV or laptop off and don't read. Let the food be the sole centre of your attention.

2. Take two deep breaths before you eat. Pause to reflect on what you're about to eat, being respectful of the dish in front of you and thankful for the food (a little like the old school-time grace). This is the best step of the six to practice when eating out or with others.

3. Chew each mouthful thoughtfully paying attention to the flavours and textures - some health food advocates have suggested at least 30 times per mouthful * but I personally think 10 times is plenty. It will still work. Put your knife and fork down between bites.

4. Slow things down. If you know you're a fast eater, try eating with chopsticks or with your non-dominant hand to slow things down.

5. Make serve sizes realistic. Plate up normal (not diet) portions of food.

6. Eat slowly and make the meal last at least 15 minutes.

Obviously you can't eat like this for every meal, every day but it's very useful to practice on a quiet weekend or when you're on your own. Use my Hunger and Fullness Log to help you.

* Horace Fletcher (1849-1919) was an American health-food faddist of the Victorian era, who used to make his patients chew their food 32 times before they swallowed. He was given the nickname "The Great Masticator" and was famous for saying: "Nature will castigate those who don't masticate." Fletcher argued that his mastication method would increase the amount of strength a person could have while actually decreasing the amount of food that they consumed. His chewing technique became known as "Fletcherizing" and he claimed it would turn "a pitiable glutton into an intelligent epicurean." He also advised against eating before being "Good and Hungry", or while angry or sad - strong emotions that can interfere with digestion and leave you with digestive upsets such as gas, bloating and bowel irregularities.


  • Product snapshot: Tomato pasta sauces

    Product snapshot: Tomato pasta sauces

    18 September 2023 by, Catherine Saxelby

    What’s in your favourite tomato pasta sauce, and how much of it? Here are the most popular sauces reviewed for your reading pleasure.

    I’ve rated nine of the most popular tomato pasta sauces in terms of their nutrition, ingredient lists and jar size. You’ll find many of these in your local supermarket. The sauces are ranked:

    • from Italian (Italy grows the reddest full-flavoured tomatoes) to Australian
    • per 100 grams, which is equivalent to 3½ ounces (the standard for comparing food products)
    • by serving size (varies between brands but is generally 100–175 g in size)
    • by ingredient list, jar size and where made (with each product’s website as the source)

    The bottom line

    When you’re next out shopping, run your eyes down the per 100 g column and look for products containing less than 400 mg sodium AND less than 5 g fat (which equals 5% fat). Most of the brands are below these levels. I like Barilla, Sacla, Leggo’s, La Gina and Mutti – but that’s just me!

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    Product review: Low-sugar alcoholic ginger beer

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    Want something to drink before dinner? Something that’s LOWER in alcohol than wine? To match his beer? Then look no further than Bundaberg’s low-sugar alcoholic ginger beer.

    You can drink Bundaberg low-sugar ginger beer straight from the can, or pour it into a long glass over ice with a slice of lime.


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    When I was first asked to write this review, I thought, Not another tracker.

    After all, there have been several in recent years, such as My Fitness Pal and Everyday Diet Diary. But this one is different. It works by using your Everyday Rewards card AND your shop at Woolworths.

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    clipboardThis post has been sponsored by Lite n' Easy.  


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Healthy Weight Loss

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    How to beat those cravings

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  • What is your relationship with food and eating?

    How to lose weight WITHOUT going on a diet

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  • What IS a healthy balanced diet for weight loss?

    What IS a healthy balanced diet for weight loss?

    16 September 2020 by, Catherine Saxelby

    Healthy weight loss happens when you lose weight slowly and steadily (around 1 kg or 2 pounds weight loss a week). Your goal is to lose weight while still getting your essential nutrients but from smaller portions. You certainly don’t want to be tired with no energy! That’s why you need regular healthy meals and snacks on hand to ensure your vitamins, minerals, omega-3s and fibre needs can be easily met. There is a new range of healthy weight loss meals available and it’s one that I’d like to recommend. With these ready meals, you’ll say goodbye to meal planning, shopping, meal preparation and cooking.

    This post is sponsored by Chefgood 

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